Schedules & Entry Forms

Please click on a schedule from the schedules below to open a pdf document – once your pdf document is open you will have buttons at the top of the document which allow you to either print or save the document to your own computer.

You will find entry forms below.

Or you can enter online by clicking on the button to the right ONLINE ENTRIES and follow the instructions given.


Schedules 2018

IMG_6831   (Entries close ~ 19th May) CATTLE

IMG_6924   (Entries close ~ 19th May 2018, Fee is £4.50 per entry) SHEEP

IMG_6777  (Entries close ~ 19th May 2018) GOATS

IMG_6897  (Entries close ~ 19th May 2018) POULTRY

IMG_7000 (Entries close ~ 19th May 2018) HORSES

BALLYMONEY SHOW 13 (2)  (Entries close ~ 12th May 2018) HOME INDUSTRIES

IMG_6658   (Entries close ~ 12th May 2018) SCHOOLS

Dog    (Entries close ~ 19th May 2018) DOGS


Entry Forms 2018


Entry form HI & Schs, Sheep & Poultry 2018

Entry form Horse & Pony & Cattle 2018

Entry form Goat 2018